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Amerio Vincenzo vineyards

One of the most evocative regions in the world.

One of the regions

most evocative in the world.

The desire to experiment, creativity and passion for every detail are the values that animate our work; we aim for excellence and constantly try to improve our methods.

Amerio vincenzo vineyards

A unique territory.

The home of our vineyards.

We live in one of the most evocative regions in the world where beauty is landscape and wonder is everyday life. Anyone who decides to visit Monferrato will be fascinated by the particularities of one of the most important wine areas in Italy, a destination for enthusiasts from all over the world.
The vineyard is the place where everything originates, a place to be protected and enhanced as much as possible. We believe that viticulture must go hand in hand with sustainability, which is why we dedicate constant care and attention to our land, preserving the territory and landscapes in which we are immersed every day. Aware of the centrality of work in the vineyard, we have always tried to enhance the great territory of our hills, from which the uniqueness of the Monferrato and Langhe wines derives.
We manage the vineyards with attention and love for detail. We take care of our vines one by one in their particularity, constantly seeking balance, first of the individual vines, then of the entire vineyard and finally in the wine we produce. Our working method includes organic fertilization, grassing, meticulous operations on greenery, targeted qualitative thinning and a pruning system aimed at limiting grape yields: all practices that respect the natural evolution of the land and soils.

“Don't make small plans: they don't have the strength to excite men and will probably never come true. Make big plans: aim high in hope and work, remembering that noble and rational projects, once handed down, will never die, but they will live long after we die, reasserting themselves with renewed vigor. Remember that our children and grandchildren will do things that will amaze us.
May order be your movement and beauty your goal.”

Daniel Burnham

Amerio Vincenzo winery

The Winery.

Beating heart

of the company.

The wines we produce are born from the selection and processing of grapes from our vineyards, harvested manually at the moment of maximum maturity. During the winemaking process we try to reduce technical interventions to a minimum, with scrupulous attention to all production phases. The results are unique wines, which reflect the territory of origin: Monferrato.
The integrity and perfection of the fruit are the starting points of the entire production cycle. Subsequently, during the work in the cellar, we favor the extraction of the best part of the grape through soft crushing and pressing, and we enhance the characteristics of the grapes with fermentations and macerations at a controlled temperature with frequent wetting of the pomace cap.

Sustainability is at home in our company thanks to the recovery of rainwater and the use of electricity from the photovoltaic system. We are committed to giving the right respect to the territory that hosts us, following (in the cellar as in the vineyard) the principle of knowing more to be able to intervene less.

Amerio Vincenzo family

A winemakers family.

Our history.

The history of our dog begins at the end of the 19th century, when Grandfather Vincenzo decided to dedicate himself to the cultivation of vineyards and the production of fruit in the 5 hectares of land owned by the family in Moasca, a small municipality in the heart of Monferrato. Soon Vincenzo also passes on his passion for agriculture and viticulture to his son Angelo who decides to follow in his footsteps and expand the company. In addition to the cultivation of vineyards and orchards, he also takes care of the breeding of Piedmontese cattle and begins to make wine from his own grapes. Initially the wine was produced only for personal use but when his nephew Vincenzo and his wife Lorena also decided to continue the family business, selling becomes one of the company's main activities.
At the beginning of the nineties the winery expanded with the purchase of new vineyards in the best exposures and the Amerio Vincenzo wines began to be known throughout Italy.
Today as in the past, with the entry into the company of Marco and Danilo, the Amerio family continues to dedicate itself to the production and sale of wine, combining the hospitality business with the wine business.

In the heart of the UNESCO heritage of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, there are our vineyards which extend over 4 different municipalities, right in the center of the NIZZA DOCG denomination

Amerio Vincenzo winery

For four generations
wine is our passion.

For four generations
the wine

it is our passion.

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